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Miniature Wargames adapted to play on 4 inch hexes.

The Great War 1914 - 1918 Rules and Scenarios

Army Commander - Great War rules and scenarios.

This set of rules was designed using the excellent Kallistra figures, stands and Great War terrain.    They are designed for fighting large scale battles where you will command a Corps or more in battle.   
In these rules the standard unit is a division.  A division is generally made up of 12 infantry stands and a number of fire support stands [represented by machine gun and mortar stands], artillery stands and in the later war tank stands.    The infantry stands are roughly equal to a battalion or around 1,000 men, 4 stands in a hex being roughly a brigade. The rules are fairly short and relatively simple.   They give surspringly subtle and realistic feeling battles despite this.
I have kept the layout  and graphics in the rules purposely as simple as possible so that they can be printed legibly and without consuming all of the ink of a standard home printer.
Great war V4 
Army Commander Great War Rules

Army Commander Scenarios.

Ypres 2
Tanks Somme
The second battle of Ypres.   April 1915  
Tanks on the Somme - September 1916.
Arras 1917
Arras South.  April 1917 
Operation Michael - March 1918.
Amiens 1918
Operation Georgette -April 1918.
Amiens - August 1918.