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Miniature Wargames adapted to play on 4 inch hexes.

Rules and Scenarios for the Pike and Shot Era 

These rules cover a period from roughly 1530CE to 1700CE.   They are very similar to the Medieval Rules but reflect the combined arms units that became dominent in this era.   At the start of the era large Pike blocks and bodies of infantry armed with Crossbows and Arquebuses still operated independently of each other.  But the success of the Spanish Tercios and the Dutch introduction of Regiments saw  smaller units comprising combined pike and shot infantry replace the older formations.  

The standard infantry stand in these rules is  one of combined Pike and Shot.   By the end of the era bayonets were becoming more common and the pike was almost redundant. 

The Rules
Snaphance Playsheet
Snaphance Playsheet
Snaphance Examples
 Examples of Play