Miniature Wargames adapted to play on 4 inch hexes.

Rules and Scenarios for Napoleonic Battles


Medina de Rio Seco

This page contains scenarios for fighting Napoleonic battles using the excellent Blucher rules.  These rules are commercially available and can be purchased from  http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/store/   The rules are designed for playing large scale Napoleonic battles.  The scale is somewhat variable, but in most battles a stand of figures represents a brigade of infantry or a regiment of cavalry.  At times they may represent whole divisions, or only battalions, or even a number of men, say 1000 or 1500.  It depends on the size of the battle.   The rules and scenarios cover the Wars of the French Revolution as well as Napoleonic battles.  They are not designed for playing on a hex table but compared to any other rules I have used they convert very well.
BLUCHER - Napoleonic Wargame Rules 

To play these scenarios you will need to purchase a copy of the Blucher rules.   These rules adapt fairly easily to hex based warfare, in the majority of cases you just replace Base Width with Hex.    There are a few problems [as usual] that emerge when converting to hexes and I have attached a conversion sheet with examples.   To make sense of this conversion sheet you will need to own a copy of the original rules.
Blucher Hexes
Blucher Hex Conversion Version 2.

Scenarios - Using the Blucher Rules

I have included sub commanders with divisions and corps in most of these scenarios even where they have no attributes and have no effect on play.  I use command figures on the war game table mostly to remind me where different formations are.    
Fleurus 1794
Malsch 1796
Wurzburg 1796
Stockach 1799
Magnano 1799
Trebbia 1799
Alkmaar 1799
Caldiero 1805
Sacile 1809
Raab 1809
Talavera 1809
Tamames 1809
Ocana 1809
Salamanca 1812
Borodino 1812
Lutzen 1813
Mockern 1813
Nive 1813
La Rothiere 1814