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Miniature Wargames adapted to play on 4 inch hexes.

Rules and Scenarios for Ancient Combat

These rules cover a period from roughly the time of the Greek hoplite wars through to the late Western Roman Empire.   Around 400BC to 500 CE.   They do tend to centre on the Roman's somewhat, but for much of this period the Roman's were the dominant player in the Western world.
The rules were originally an attempt to translate Dadi and Piombi's Impetus rules into something that could be played using four inch hexes, and they still contain a number of that excellent rule set's mechanisms.  However, the use of hexes and my own biasses in relation to how I thought an ancient battle should progress have led to some dramatic changes.  I have played over a hundred battles using these rules yet they still continue to be a work in progress.    But definitely a fun progress.
The Impetus rules have a number of high quality supplements [Extra Impetus] which cover army organisation and relative unit strengths in several historic periods.  Those organisation charts are equally applicable to these rules and I would recommend anyone using these rules to consider buying some of the supplements.  [www.dadiepiombo.it/english.html]
These rules are intended for fighting historic battles such as those in the scenarios below.   There is no point system for competition play, although it would be easy enough to develop one.   The scale is variable.  In some scenarios a stand of Roman Legionaries may represent a single cohort of 480 men, and in larger battles 3 or 4 stands of Romans may represent a whole legion.   

 Proconsul  Rules 

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 Proconsul Scenarios

Asculum 279BCE
Lilybaeum 276BCE
 Lilybaeum 276BCE 
Asculum 279BCE

Dertosa 216BCE
Great Plains 203BCE
Battle of Dertosa 216BCE 
 Great Plains 203BCE 
Magnesia 190BCE
Pydna 2 148BCE
Battle of Magnesia 190BCE 
Second Battle  of Pydna 148BCE 
Lutetia 52BCE
Zela 47BCE
Battle of Lutetia 52BCE 
Zela - Veni,Vidi, Vici 47BCE
Idistaviso 16CE
Medway 43CE
Battle of Idistaviso 16CE
Battle of the Medway 43CE
Mons Graupius 83CE
Dacia 87CE
Dacia   87CE

Mons Graupius   83CE

 Some Army List Explanations