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Miniature Wargames adapted to play on 4 inch hexes.

American Civil War - Rules and Scenarios

These American Civil War rules are based on Sam Mustafa’s Napoleonic rules, Blucher.   A copy of those rules is required to play this variation.  They can be purchased from  http://www.sammustafa.com/honour/store/ .  The scale is variable depending on the scenario, but most commonly individual stands will represent something brigade sized, say 1,500 to 2,000 men.  Although they could represent whole divisions in very large battles and only regiment sized blocks in small ones. 

As usual each scenario includes a hex map showing initial deployment, a chart of unit strengths and capabilities and relevant information on terrain, scenario specific rules and reinforcements.

A sheet detailing the changes to the rules required to play using hexes is attached.   There is a separate sheet with the changes from the Napoleonic rules required for the ACW variation.

With very little amendment the scenarios would work well with the Volley and Bayonet rules which also convert fairly easily to a hex based system. 

ACW Hexes
ACW Changes

Stones River